Why are my funds not appearing?

Your wallet must be fully synchronized before it displays the correct balance. You should see a SYNCHRONIZED label in the rounded bar at the top of your screen.


If you see “XXXX blocks remaining” this means that your wallet is still synchronizing. Please wait until it is fully synchronized. If your wallet already displays SYNCHRONIZED, you can try rescanning by opening the menu at the top-right, tapping Rescan, and setting a date from about a week before the wallet’s first transaction.

Rescanning will remove any saved transaction keys and destination addresses, which may be useful for proving payments.


If the wallet says SYNCHRONIZED at the top and you don’t see your transactions, first try force closing and re-opening your wallet, which forces a rescan.

I did not receive funds from an exchange

If you created an exchange using the built-in exchange within the Cake Wallet app and are not seeing your expected balance, go to the Trade Details screen and check the status of the exchange. If your status is Waiting or Fetching, this means that your trade is processing. Please wait a few more minutes.

If the status is Finished, and your wallet is synchronized but you do not see an incoming transaction, please contact our support team at support@cakewallet.com.

I did not receive funds from another wallet

If you see an incoming transaction and your Available Balance and Full Balance differ, please wait for up to ~20 minutes while your transaction is confirmed on the Monero blockchain or 3 confirmations on the Bitcoin blockchain. If your wallet is synchronized, and the incoming transaction is not displaying, please contact our support team at support@cakewallet.com.

How can I speed up Monero syncing?

Follow this tutorial on how to sync a Monero wallet faster.