To use Cake Wallet on Tails, you must run Cake Wallet with extra arguments to store the wallet and preferences in your Persistent volume.

Tails is an amnesic operating system. Everytime Tails is shutdown, it loses any extra programs or files you downloaded. In order to use Cake Wallet on Tails, you must setup Persistent Storage. This allows you to save the Cake Wallet installation and not need to set it up everytime you restart your Tails install.

To create Persistent Storage, please see here.

It is recommended to put the entire Cake Wallet installation under the Persistent volume to avoid re-downloading everytime Tails is started up.


Open the Tor Browser, go to https://github.com/cake-tech/cake_wallet/releases/, and download the latest release. Example: Cake_Wallet_v4.11.0_Linux.tar.xz

The download will be stored at /home/amnesia/Tor Browser. Click the Download icon on the top-right, then click the Open in Folder icon to access the download folder.

Open In Folder

Extract the Cake_wallet.tar.xz into the Persistent volume at /home/amnesia/Persistent.

Example video for extracting the Cake Wallet files into a custom cake_wallet Persistent directory.


Open the cake_wallet folder (or whichever extracted folder has the cake_wallet executable) in the Persistent volume.

Right-click on a blank area and click Open in Terminal.

Open in Terminal

Run Cake Wallet using this command.

CAKE_WALLET_DIR=$HOME/Persistent/cake_wallet/ XDG_DATA_HOME=$CAKE_WALLET_DIR/preferences ./cake_wallet

This will place the wallets under /home/amnesia/Persistent/cake_wallet/wallets and the preferences file under /home/amnesia/Persistent/cake_wallet/preferences/

You can change the CAKE_WALLET_DIR and XDG_DATA_HOME to any other directory, as long as they are somewhere in your Persistent volume!

Run Cake Wallet

Future Use

Everytime you startup tails, you can access the Persistent volume and your Cake Wallet folder by using the File Browser or the Terminal, and follow the above instructions to run Cake Wallet.