Restore account from hardware wallet

Currently, we only support restoring from Ledger devices, with support for more devices coming soon. Only Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon are currently supported.

Step 1

Go to the menu at the top. Tap Wallets, then Restore Wallet.

Click hamburger menu Click wallets Click restore wallet

Step 2

Tap Restore from hardware wallet, then choose the wallet type.

Choose restore type Choose wallet type

Step 3

Connect your hardware wallet device via either via bluetooth or USB.

Make sure your hardware wallet has your selected crypto app open before selecting to use it.

Once you see your device, select it from the menu and allow access (if applicable).

Swipe left to right Allow Access

Step 4

Select your desired account and name you wallet.

Then tap Next, and you will be in a view mode of your hardware wallet’s account, indicated by the icon next to the wallet type.

Choose account Balance screen