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Create first wallet

We want to welcome you to using Cake Wallet! We hope you have a wonderful experience. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support! :D

Download the app

You first need the Cake Wallet official application.

Initial app configuration

For Linux only

If you are using Linux, you can optionally change the default file location.

The default Linux file save location is ~/Documents/cake_wallet. If you would like to specify a different location, please run the two commands, replacing /set/your/prefered/location/here with your preferred location:

export CAKE_WALLET_DIR=/set/your/prefered/location/here
export XDG_DATA_HOME=$CAKE_WALLET_DIR/preferences

For all devices

Open the wallet application. You will see the option to create your first wallet. Choose only one cryptocurrency type; you can choose additional ones later (see Create another wallet).

You can choose a manual wallet name, or you can click the right icon to generate a random name. This can’t be changed later.

You will be asked to set an access PIN. This stays on your device. You can choose a 4 digit PIN by default, or you can click the text to change to a 6 digit PIN. You can enable biometric authentication later in settings. For Linux, you need to create a password.

Write down your mnemonic seed!

It is absolutely imperative that you save your seed in a safe place! The most common user error is forgetting to write down the seed, resulting in a loss of funds.

You need to save the seed in a safe place. The definition of “safe” depends on your use-case, but it looks like this for most users:

  • Put one written copy in a home safe, and another copy in a bank safety deposit box.
  • Store the seed in a password manager with a strong password.

If you need to upgrade to a higher security setup later, you can create a new wallet, back up the seed with a high degree of security, and then send your funds to the new wallet.