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Restore/recover a wallet from keys or seed

NEVER share your seeds/keys with anyone! If you do, they can steal your funds. Always save your seeds in a safe place!

Step 1

Go to the menu at the top. Tap “Wallets”, then “Restore Wallet”.

Click hamburger menu Click wallets Click restore wallet

Step 2

Click Restore from seed/keys. Then choose the wallet type: Monero, Bitcoin (Electrum), Litecoin (Electrum), or Haven.

Choose wallet type

Monero Wallet or Haven wallet

If you choose Monero or Haven, you can restore your wallet from the seed phrase or keys. To swap from “Restore from seed” to “Restore from keys”, swipe the screen left to right.

Swipe left to right Click restore

Then above, paste the seed phrase (or keys), choose the “Seed language” for your wallet if you are restoring from the seed, and enter the blockheight from when you created the wallet. If you do not know the blockheight, please enter a date from a few days before you created the wallet. So, if it was created in February 2020 sometime, you could use January 31st, 2020 as the “Restore from date” input. After that, press the “Restore” button and leave your phone awake with the Cake Wallet app open, while your wallet completes synchronization.

Restore from seed Syncing

Bitcoin Electrum wallet or Litecoin Electrum wallet

To restore a Bitcoin (Electrum) wallet or Litecoin (Electrum) wallet, paste your seed phrase and press the “Restore” button.

Click hamburger menu Click hamburger menu