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Send funds

Always make sure that your wallet is fully synchronized before sending Monero.

You can send from the “Send” screen

To get to the send screen, tap Send on the balance screen. Then, you should paste a destination address (using the paste button, scanning QR code, or using Address book). After that, enter an amount in the active cryptocurrency or the active fiat currency. You can send all wallet funds using the ALL button. Below, you can change the fee priority. You can also make an internal note for any transaction. This note will be visible only in the Cake Wallet app. You can always change a note on the transaction details screen. After filling in all forms and pressing the Send button, an outgoing transaction will be created. You can confirm that your transaction was sent in your wallet’s transaction history.

Click send on home screen Fill in address and amount Confirm sending

How to send and receive Monero

How to send and receive Monero