Create backup

A Cake Wallet backup will copy over all wallets and settings to a fresh Cake Wallet installation. This new restore wallet can’t have any existing wallets. To restore from a backup, click here.

Step 1

ALWAYS save the mnemonic seeds for all of your wallets just in case!

Step 2

Create a backup file by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper right, then Security and backup, then Create backup.

Step 3

You will be prompted for your PIN, biometic authentication, or password. When provided, you will be shown a securely-generated backup password.


After saving the password, click Export backup and Yes I have. It will take a few moments to create the backup file, so don’t panic if the screen freezes for up to a minute.

Alternatively, you can specify your own encryption password. This is NOT recommended.

Step 4

After the backup file is generated, you’ll be prompted to share the backup file using the OS share function or save the file to your downloads folder. Choose your preferred option. You now have a backup file!

Using external flash storage

It’s easy to create an encrypted backup using flash storage!

You will need to search for a flash drive with either a USB-C, micro-USB, or lightning connector depending on your device. Modern Android phones use USB-C. Old android phones use USB-C or micro-USB. Modern and recent iPhones use a lightning connector.

We recommend buying a flash drive from a reputable merchant, such as a large brick-and-mortar retail store or online directly from the manufacturer. We recommend 1 GB or more of storage. This should cost you about $5-20.

After you have the flash drive, plug it into your device.

Follow steps 1 to 3 above. For step 4, click Save to downloads

Then, copy the file over to your external flash storage using the device file explorer.

That’s it! Make sure you have the password!

Using Proton Drive

Proton Drive allows you to save end-to-end encrypted backups to the cloud. Proton doesn’t know the contents of your uploaded files.

First create a Proton account. A free plan includes 1 GB of storage, which is enough for at least 1 backup.

Follow steps 1 to 3 above. For step 4, click Share and then click Proton Drive. Proton Drive may be hidden under More.

After you click Proton Drive, optionally go to the location in your encrypted cloud drive where you would like to upload the backup file. Click Upload.

That’s it! Make sure you have the password!