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We automatically generate new Bitcoin addresses after each use for better privacy. Previous addresses continue to work.

We use the same derivation scheme as Electrum: m/0/x for receive addresses, and m/1/x for change addresses.

There are multiple address types supported.

  • Segwit (P2WPKH)
  • Taproot (P2TR)
  • Segwit (P2WSH)
  • Segwit-Compatible (P2SH)
  • Legacy (P2PKH)

You can switch to a different address type by going to the Receive screen and clicking on the current address type at the top of the screen.

Click current address type Choose address type

Seed format

Bitcoin wallets only currently support being created using the Electrum seed format. We support restoring seeds generated in the Electrum and BIP-39 seed format.

BIP-39 restoring will check for multiple derivation paths, and ask you which one you would like to use if transactions are detected on multiple paths.

Bitcoin fee levels

We recommend leaving your Cake Wallet fee for Bitcoin as Medium.

Cake Wallet nameestimatefee valueDescription
Slow ~24hrs100Save on fees if you can wait a full day for the transaction to be confirmed.
Medium5The best blend of speed and cost. You’ll usually get a confirmation within 3 blocks.
Fast1Aggressively pursues inclusion in the next block, usually overpaying.

RBF (Replace-By-Fee)

As of Cake Wallet version 4.15.4, the Bitcoin wallet supports using RBF (Replace-by-fee), and is enabled by default for every transaction.

RBF allows you to modify the fee after you have already sent a transaction. You can do this by going to the Transactions screen, clicking on the desired transaction, the clicking Bump fee. Once you are in the Bump fee page, you can set your fee and click Send.

Click "Bump fee" Modify fee