How to find your seed phrase in the Cake Wallet app

NEVER share your seeds/keys with anyone! If you do, they can steal your funds. Always save your seeds in a safe place!

You can follow these simple steps to find your seed phrase. This seed phase can be used to restore your funds in another wallet.

  1. Open Cake Wallet, which has an existing wallet. If you do not have an existing wallet, then create one first.

  2. In the top right corner of the app, you will see a menu button. Click on the menu button.


  1. From the menu options, select “Security and backup”.


  1. Now choose “show seed/keys.”


  1. You will be prompted to enter your wallet pin, password, or biometrics.

  2. Once you have successfully authenticated, your seed and keys will be displayed.

  3. Your seed phrase can be restored in most other wallets, depending on asset type. For example, your Monero seed phrase can be restored in the official Monero GUI, and your Bitcoin/Litecoin seed phrases can be restored in Electrum.