Linux Installation

If your system does not already have Flatpak installed, please do so by following the instructions on

Once Flatpak is installed (can test by running flatpak in the terminal), you will also need to install the Flathub repository by running flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Now you can download the Cake Wallet Flatpak from the releases on GitHub and select the Cake_Wallet_vX.X.X.flatpak file to download. (Example: Cake_Wallet_v4.18.2_Linux.flatpak)

Assuming the Cake Wallet flatpak is in the Downloads directory, you can install it with this command flatpak install ~/Downloads/Cake_Wallet_v4.18.2_Linux.flatpak (Change the version number to the one you downloaded)

After confirming the installation, you can now launch Cake Wallet from your shortcuts, or run it manually by using flatpak run com.cakewallet.cake_wallet

Manual (tar.xz)

Download the tar.xz release from GitHub (Example: Cake_Wallet_v4.18.2_Linux.tar.xz)

Extract the archive using your file explorer or navigate to the approprite folder in the terminal and extract it using tar -xf Cake_Wallet_vX.X.X.tar.xz

Run the executable by right-clicking and selecting “Run” in your file explorer or starting it from the terminal (./cake_wallet)