Cake Pay Web

Contacting Support

If you need to contact Cake Pay support, please email

Please clearly indicate that the support request is related to Cake Pay Web.


Refund Requests

If you need to make a Cake Pay Web refund request, please email

Cake Pay support should reach out (only from an or email address) if they need more information. Keep an eye on the email you used for Cake Pay.

Cake Pay Web only issues refunds in select cases.

How long does it take to receive a gift card?

Most merchant cards will arrive within 1 hour, but it can take 1 business day or longer in rare cases. Make sure to save your order ID to get faster support!

Can Cake Pay Web be used outside of the United States?

Yes! Cake Pay supports dozens of countries, and the country can be changed from the dropdown on the left side of the website on Please note the variety of cards and available stock will differ per country.

Why does Cake Pay need my email address?

Your email serves as a way to send you gift card codes and redemption links, and also serves as a way to provide support.

Do I need to provide other information to third-parties to use my purchased products?

Depending on the merchant terms, you may need to provide other information to redeem and/or use your product. For example, you may need to provide information to the merchant for something to be shipped to your home.

How can I bring up a code again?

Cake Pay Web redemption codes are only provided by email. Check your email to get the code.

How do I recover an unused code?

You can recover an unused code by searching for it in your email.

Why do I need to activate certain products on a different website?

Some products require you activate the item on another website because of various terms and agreements with these providers.

What fees are there?

Cake Pay Web products are sold at face value.

Are there any limits?

Yes, there are limits. A single user can purchase a maximum of $3,000 per day and $10,000 per month. You may run into other limits, and limits are subject to change. If you need higher limits, please email Cake Pay support.

Why is Cake Wallet showing a slightly different fiat value than the Cake Pay invoice amount?

Cake Wallet uses a different fiat API endpoint than the Cake Pay Web endpoint. This can lead to small (<1%) differences in prices shown. For non-USD denominated products, the spread may be a little larger because we buy the cards in USD, and there is thus an implied spread that Cake must pay between USD and the other fiat asset. Always make sure to send the exact amount of cryptocurrency specified for the invoice. Cake Pay uses extremely competitive market rates for crypto/USD.

What are the Cake Pay Web terms and conditions?

View the full Cake Pay Web terms and conditions here.

What cryptocurrencies can I pay with?

You can pay with Bitcoin and Monero natively. You can use the Trocador plugin to pay with other cryptocurrencies. Using this plugin may require manual processing, so expect an extra business day for processing.