Buy gift card with Cake Pay

Cake Pay allows you to purchase gift cards within Cake Wallet with BTC, LTC, or XMR. You can purchase a card in the exact amount of your online or in-store purchase - in real time!

Within seconds, a gift card will be delivered to your phone so you can give it to the cashier as payment in full.

Cake Pay Mobile includes a 1-3% instant discount, making purchases with Cake Pay cheaper than using cash!

You can think of the payment as two steps:

  1. Buy a gift card on the spot for the exact amount needed, or purchase more and use it over time.

  2. Use that gift card to pay the retailer in full to complete your purchase.

For each purchase, you will see a transaction leave your Cake Wallet.

You can also purchase gift cards and related products on Cake Pay Web, a related platform for worldwide cards.

Tutorial video

How to use Cake Pay to purchase gift cards

How to use Cake Pay

  1. Access Cake Pay from the Cake Wallet marketplace. From the home screen, swipe left to right, then click on Cake Pay.

  2. Create and account or log in with just an email.

  3. Select a merchant from the list.

  4. Enter your purchase amount.

  5. Buy the gift card with BTC, LTC, or XMR.

  6. Redeem in store or online.

How do I make a payment in store?

Once your gift card purchase is complete, the app will display instructions for redemption along with a QR code, barcode, or a card number for redemption.

Retailers generally use QR codes or barcodes, but not every gift card supports these.

Simply show the QR code or barcode to the cashier - in some cases you may need to read the card number to them or write it on your restaurant guest receipt. Easy as that!

How do I make a payment online?

If a participating merchant has a “gift card” field in their checkout page online, you can use Cake Pay as normal to create a gift card code. Then, copy/paste the code into the gift card field on the merchant website and follow their instructions for completing your purchase. If they require a PIN, the Cake Pay confirmation screen displays a PIN specific to that e-gift card code.

Cake Pay support

For Cake Pay support, please click here.